About the venue


ECCO event space is a Northern Michigan event venue located in Front Row Centre in downtown Traverse City. This Northern Michigan wedding reception venue can accommodate 318 attendees, while seating and tables are available on-site for 253 guests. ECCO covers approximately 8500 square feet, and was once the site of a bona fide roller rink in the 70's.

ECCO is an exciting space due in large part to Traverse City's beauty and vibrance. There is so much that Traverse City has to offer: world class wineries, breweries and restaurants, cultural events like the TC Film Festival and the National Cherry Festival, and stellar shopping, scenery and outdoor activities. An ECCO event is one that grants its guests easy access to Traverse City and all its wonders.

ECCO is minimally adorned and maximally pragmatic. It leaves plenty of room for decorative maneuvering, while its facilities and furnishings are two big checks off your planning to-do list (see the HOME page for some seriously fast facts about the venue's included amenities).

Upon entering from Front street, guests decend a set of stairs into the venue's foyer, which intersects the main hall, restrooms, and kitchenette. The main hall is approximately 5500 square feet --about 1000 larger than a standard basketball court.

Whether big or small, DIY or professionally planned, formal or flip-flop friendly, ECCO can take all comers. 

about Management

My name is Evan Perry, and I manage ECCO. In a former life, I edited MyNorth.com, the online home of Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine. I was born and raised in Traverse City. It's a place I'm eminently proud to call home.

In my experience, an event's success is not determined solely by the venue, or the decor, or the playlist, or the food and drink. Those details are certainly mission critical, but just as important are the people involved with your event.

If you decide to host your event at ECCO, then you're deciding to work with me. I'll be your point man at ECCO throughout your event's planning and execution. I'll be there to do much more than open ECCO's doors for you: I'll be there to recommend vendors and services for your event, lend a hand with set-up and tear down, help coordinate your event's logistics, and provide the kinds of tips (where to grab a killer brunch, where to send the kids for an hour before the reception, where to find those hidden gem photo opportunities) that only a local can.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries about ECCO. My phone number is 231.649.2298, and my email address is Evan@ECCOevents.com. You can also get a hold of me via the contact form located on CONTACT page of this site.



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